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May 5th, 2010 by robert

Reentry into “normal” life at home has been challenging. Spending seven weeks in a completely different environment, immersed in another language and amidst a fluidly changing group of new friends: I guess it should be no surprise that a return home could feel disorienting.

There are four more posts to come, covering the last couple of weeks of my stay in Mexico, including a fantastic trip to a biosphere reserve called El Triunfo. I created this blog as a writing tool, however, so I hope to continue posting regularly. I will be adding the archive of my music writing for The Beat magazine and other journals, and I also will review new music from the African diaspora. Yet the horizon is broad; the scope of this blog will evolve. Even the writing may vary, such as the experimental previous post.

Over time this site will offer more, particularly more in the way of sound. For example, below is a recording of howler monkeys greeting dawn in Palenque. I was unable to upload the recording while on the road, but now I have attached it to my earlier Palenque post, where it belongs. Enjoy!

Howler Monkey Dawn


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