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March 12th, 2010 by robert

Over ten years ago I registered this domain with the intent to house the archive of my music journalism: years of bimonthly columns in the great, now-defunct magazine, The Beat, and various articles and a column with two Anchorage newspapers. Maybe I’d even dredge up long forgotten pieces from North Carolina newspapers and the Christian Science Monitor. It would also be a portal for my public radio program, The Rhythm Connection, which I have hosted on KTNA-Talkeetna since 1994. The purpose of ALL of my work with music is to make connections for readers and listeners to a wider world and different realities.

Well, as it always does, life intervenes with it’s own random patterns, and development of the site lingered, yielding to other priorities. Fortunately technology continued to progress, and the development of WordPress in particular helped to democratize the internet by allowing nearly anyone to construct a web site. An impending, extended trip to Mexico in the spring of 2010 finally catalyzed my decision to build this site as a writing tool. I used my experience with WordPress on the KTNA site to help me put Rhythm Connection online in a hurry, the day before leaving for Cancun.

This blog is a work-in-progress, and I expect it to evolve over time to incorporate both new technologies and diverse writings. My scope is broad, but my theme is unified. I hope you will find something of interest here.  Yet I believe the best web sites are those that engender discussion, that through participation help to build communities. So I encourage you to submit comments and to share with others articles that stimulate you. If you want to write to me directly, you can send me an email here. By the way, my name is Robert.


4 Responses  
  • Rachel writes:
    March 14th, 20109:58 amat

    Exciting! Can’t wait to hear more. But meanwhile, bon voyage! x

  • Lauren Champagne writes:
    March 14th, 20107:46 pmat

    Look forward to all that unfolds here and sending you all wishes for a great adventure in Mexico.

  • robert writes:
    March 14th, 201011:09 pmat

    Thanks so much!

  • Mindy Lindgren writes:
    May 6th, 20104:46 amat

    Great site, Robert.

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