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August 12th, 2010 by robert

If you are one of those who checks this page occasionally, you will have noticed it has been dormant for over a month. In fact my writing has been sporadic since returning from Mexico in May, and as any web site consultant will tell you, the failure to keep your site fresh results in people losing interest and not returning. My goal is not to create a blog that attracts heavy traffic, but I want to avoid disappointing those of you who appreciate my writing and generously encourage me.

The drought on this site is partly due to my normal lack of writing discipline, and certainly the unrelentingly dismal summer weather, but it also results from life’s upheavals that seem to have dominated my life for the past three years. It’s funny how you can go through decades of life without knowing loss, and therefore oblivious to mortality. Intimate loss, that is, for obviously the world demonstrates pervasive mortality every day. Days after returning from Mexico, my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive, metastatic cancer. I already had a visit with her planned, to coincide with the college graduation of my eldest son. We hoped to spend two weeks together, to figure out her future living options and sort out her house. My father’s death a year earlier had left her house feeling both empty and full of now-irrelevant stuff.

By the time I traveled East, my mother had declined significantly. Having driven two hours to Boston for her diagnosis appointment three weeks earlier, she now could hardly walk and would never again drive her car or see her house. When I returned to Alaska two weeks later, my brother and sister and I had arranged hospice care to make her as comfortable as possible, as she could not stand and was mostly confined to bed. Two weeks later, after a brief time trying to adjust to being home, I returned East with my girlfriend in time for my mother’s last two days, and to reach closure. It is so hard to describe the ten days there, such a mixture of profound sadness, love and even humor. I spontaneously created two silly jokes, something I had never done. (Rather than set up a joke section on this blog, as one person suggested, I can send them on request if you email me.) It was a rich experience, one I had not experienced with earlier, still fresh losses.

Home again, it has taken me a while to adjust, and my writing has languished. I hope with this post to catalyze finishing another four I have started to complete my Mexico yarn. Yet in ten days I leave for a month trip with no internet, so my writing window is discrete. I’ll try to finish Mexico before I leave, and perhaps another CD review that is dangling. I strongly encourage you, if you are interested in reading here, to subscribe to my posts. I mentioned it earlier, but I realize that many people do not know what RSS is. So this time I am going to illustrate it. First you must click on this graphic at the top right on this page. Or, to make it easy, you can click here. You will be taken to another view of posts where there are options to subscribe. On my system with my browser, it looks like this on the right side:

Near the bottom of Actions you can choose “Subscribe in Mail.” That way, whenever I post anything, you will get an email with part of the post to let you know what it is about, and most importantly, that it exists. Then you can read at your leisure without having to constantly check to see if there is anything new on my site. Hopefully there will be.


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  • Robbity Bobbity writes:
    August 13th, 20102:15 pmat

    Now that’s a coincidence – no sooner have you posted your latest update and here I am reading it. Where are you off to next?

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