Spring Migration
March 13th, 2010 by robert

Spring, or at least the month of April, is a good time to vacate southcentral Alaska, when both snow and roads decompose, and inevitable snowstorms dash the hopes of everyone who believes that spring has arrived. Leaving in March means missing rapidly increasing, unbelievably warm sunshine, and perfect snow conditions for skiing and snow-biking. It may be the nicest month of all. . .

Looking Southwards

Yet a confluence of available air miles, spring breaks and time off from work have allowed Corey, Nico and I to go to Mexico on an adventure. We meet in Cancun on Monday and make our way to Isla Holbox for a few days of familial reconnection on the beach. While I may distracted by the abundant birdlife in the area, I suspect the boys may find more interest in other spring breakers, who surely will be around. From Isla Holbox we move counterclockwise through the Yucatan, exploring Mayan ruins and exotic habitats.

After nearly two weeks the boys return to school, and I set off for Chiapas and Oaxaca, searching for birds, a long-lost friend, and an answer to life’s most persistent question: Why? This quest is what catalyzed the long-overdue creation of this web site, and during this trip I will try to post updates as frequently as possible. While the blog begins with travel, it will evolve. I invite you bookmark this site and return here to see where it goes.

Meanwhile, I need to finish packing.


6 Responses  
  • Shelis writes:
    March 15th, 20102:10 amat

    Can’t wait to hear of your adventures.

  • scott hauser writes:
    March 15th, 201010:12 pmat

    looking forward to your adventures…..

  • Loudon writes:
    March 16th, 20106:21 pmat


    Looking forward to following the beat of the rhythm. I already have a question for you. How did you create two blogrolls, Rhythm Sources and Susitna-Talkeetna?


  • robert writes:
    March 16th, 20108:59 pmat

    Thanks, Loudon. Two blogrolls is simply using “Links” to create a “New” link set. Enjoy!

  • Joe writes:
    April 16th, 20104:27 pmat

    Where the heck are ya? A northern migration anytime soon?

  • robert writes:
    April 21st, 20109:21 pmat

    Talvéz por un rato, regreso dentro de 12 días. Pero me gusta mucho Chiapas.

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