Lost in Etherland
April 27th, 2011 by robert

This site has languished for months. It’s not that there has been nothing to write about; with everything going on in the Arab world and analogous developments in the U.S., there is a TON I have started writing, at least in my mind if not here or on paper.

The truth is I have been focussed on music lately, learning how to convert my record albums into pristine digital recordings. In fact I have developed another blog site to share my obsession. I encourage you to go there for a taste. Clicking on the album image to the left will get you there!

Now that that site is more or less under control, I’ll try to focus on weightier topics. Like the Woman in Red, for example. If you are reading this, you probably are one of the few because the infrequency of my writing here does not invite return visits. I have learned the value of frequent posts. Since focussing on developing my other site, in one month it has gone from receiving zero to over 300 visits per day. I’ll see what I can do here. . .


2 Responses  
  • Tombo writes:
    April 28th, 20117:00 pmat

    Whoever dat woman is, she AIN’T weighty!

  • robert writes:
    April 28th, 20117:07 pmat

    lol! no, but the concept is: sarah puta palin.

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