Arrived. Reclined.
March 16th, 2010 by robert

This is a short post to simply say we have arrived at our first destination, Isla Holbox, and to test the capability to update this site via an iPhone (thus being able to ditch a heavy laptop for the duration of the trip). After a long flight from Alaska to Cancun, Corey and I met up with an exhausted Nico outside the airport terminal. We took a bus into town and found that the hostel I planned to stay at had turned it’s bottom floor into a pizzaria, while renovating the rest of the building. A ‘facilitator’ offered to take us to another inexpensive hostel, and we let him take us to Hostel Laurel, which is not in any guide book. Basic but clean, it gave us the sleep we all needed, punctuated occasionally by dogs barking. We woke early to catch the bus to Chiquilá, where we caught a small ferry to Holbox.

Well, not as short as I planned. Here is a photo from where I sit in the red hammock; we are staying in this sand-floored palapa.

Hammock View


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  • Rachel writes:
    March 17th, 201011:05 amat

    Well, the iPhone seems to be doing you proud, Robert. But if either of the boys are in that green hammock, I’d say they need feeding up a bit.
    Have fun.

  • Porter writes:
    March 18th, 20105:17 amat

    The photo should have included your bare feet.

  • Sarah writes:
    March 18th, 20106:48 pmat

    Am very glad you arrived safely and am anxious to see and read updates. Say hi to both boys for me!

  • robert writes:
    March 18th, 20106:51 pmat

    Bit hard to see what your taking a picture of, holding thr iPhone up from a prone position!

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